How we can make everything better in four short videos 


These videos explain the simple process that we, and thousands of other businesses, use to build better businesses, better lives and a better world




Video 1 - Transforming your business results

This 9-minute "When Good Then Good" video gives you a simple 4-step system that will instantly turn your business into a genuine force for good, and:


►Transform your service, sales, team morale, reputation and profit


► Bring you wonderful new levels of joy from your business


► Turn you into a global leader


► Make you family prouder than ever, and


► Dramatically improve your impact on customers, colleagues and the world


Video 2 - Changing lives across the world

This 6-minute video explains:


► The tools you can use (which I already use for $1) to do all of this


► Tools that allow you to communicate your impact on the world in a breathtaking way


► How you will be at the heart of a community of some of the most inspiring businesses in the world


► And how it will unlock extra kindness that will also automatically change the lives of vulnerable young girls


Bonus video 3 - Creating your Impact Scorecard

In this 2-minute video I show you how to create a visually stunning “Impact Scorecard” for your business:


► Revealing your impact across each of the UN Global Goals


► Also showing your impact by location and type


► Which takes less than 30 minutes to set up


► And automatically contains accurate data that is continuously updated in real time

Bonus video 4 - Making it all really easy

Finally, in this 4-minute bonus video I explain:


► How I use B1G1 to make all of this even easier


► Why I love B1G1


► And why I know you will too


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