Impacting businesses and the world 


As I head towards retirement I'm giving away all my time and intellectual property

to help businesses and their people build better businesses, better lives and a better world




18 million smiles created globally

Thanks to the way I’m doing this, people in need around the world have also received over 18 million days of food, water, sanitation, education or other help via the Global Business Giving Initiative, (You can see the exact figure below)


And thanks to you… that number has just grown, because a child in Malawi will be fed for a day on your behalf (but at my expense) for every page of this website you visit.


This short video explains why and how (and there is also a  much more comprehensive explanation here).




Our direct impacts by project

The 18 million impact total quoted above is made up of a direct and indirect element.


This is the direct element, analysed by the projects we have directly supported:





Our direct impacts by location

Coming soon.

Our direct impacts by Goal

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Our indirect impacts

Plus there is this further INDIRECT number of impacts…




… being the number of days of food, water, sanitation, education and other help that has been given by the businesses we have introduced to the B1G1 community.


So, in total, these add up to over 18 million direct and indirect impacts ie over 18 million smiles (the goal is 100 million smiles by the time I reach 65 in July 2026).


And our 18 million are part of the over 150 million smiles created by the entire B1G1 community and featured in this this short thank you message...

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