Why I'm giving away everything for free

to help make the world a better place 


As I head towards retirement I'm giving away all my time and intellectual property

to help Accountants and their clients build better businesses, better lives and a better world




WARNING: You may find some of this strange.

Because, as far as I know, it's never been done before

According to others, I’ve had a ‘successful’ career:  20 years researching how Accountants and their clients can build better businesses, better lives and a better world.


Many more years as a strategist, best-selling author and keynote speaker.


And even being named “UK Entrepreneur of the Year” and “The World’s Most Highly Rated Accountant’ 


But in 2018 I decided to retire.


And before I physically do that in a few years’ time, I’m giving everything away to help businesses like yours benefit themselves and others by focusing on my core belief that every single business – regardless of size, location, sector, age or maturity – can make our world a better place.

Specifically, I want to help us all benefit from achieving what are known as the 'Global Goals' by...


Helping Accountants and their clients to become more successful – since that creates more income, wealth and tax revenues to share around


Showing Accountants and their clients how to turn their businesses into a force for good - since that makes things better for them and for us all


Leading by example - since I have started by taking exactly the same approach in my own business - and am already loving the difference it makes

And here's the most interesting part...

… I’m funding it all from my retirement pot.


Which means I can do all of this for you without charging you a single penny or cent.


And I can do it totally transparently. With nothing hidden, no ‘strings’, and nothing ‘up my sleeve,’ so to speak.


So far over 3,000 Accountants and their clients have been given my books, research, tools or training all for free.


Collectively they estimate I've shown them how to create £73,435,254 (ie c $95 million) extra in their business and personal bank accounts.


But that’s not all...


17 million smiles have been created so far



Thanks to the way I’m doing this, people in need around the world have also received over 17 million days of food, water, sanitation, education or other help via the Global Business Giving Initiative, B1G1.com.


And, thanks to you… that number will now grow again, because a child in Malawi will be fed for a day on your behalf (but at my expense) for every page of this website you visit.

Now there's a danger in all of this of course

Many of my (very wise) friends have told me the obvious.


And it’s this: ‘Steve, people don’t value that which they get for free.’


That could, of course, be true. But I know it’s not true for you.


You see, each one of the insights, ideas and systems you’ll find here has brought huge success to Accountants and business-owners around the world because of one thing… they have taken action to actually use and implement them.


So let me explain why I am so confident in this short video…

And here it all is...



Accountants can get all my intellectual property free here  



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Everyone can get my advice, help and time for free here

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